7 Reasons Why after Service Is Important When Buying a Generator

Making a big purchase can create tunnel vision. We get so wrapped up in price and features that we can easily forget the importance of service after the purchase. This is certainly true of purchases like backup generators. You must know that you’re working with a dealer that can provide qualified people who can perform routine maintenance on the unit, and when there is a breakdown or other problem, those same technicians can quickly diagnose and repair the generator to minimize your downtime and maximize your preparedness. Specifically, here are seven reasons why it is vital to buy your generator from a dealer like that.

It’s a Major Investment

A generator is a significant financial investment, but it is one that easily pays for itself in the convenience and peace of mind that it provides you. Your family’s comfort, safety, and valuable electronics are all protected by this investment. The most important thing to remember is that you must invest in that investment–that is, you can’t simply have a generator installed and then forget about it. Instead, you must be alert to its routine maintenance needs and make sure that you keep things on track so that your investment remains in top condition. When work is required, you will need a qualified service team.

It Must Be Ready & Reliable

If your microwave oven quits, you can cook with something else. If your car breaks down, you might be able to postpone travel. You can even function without your cell phone–briefly. When the power goes off, though, the clock is ticking. If your generator isn’t ready to activate and re-establish power, there is no waiting to do it later. You’re losing food, the house is getting hot, and thieves are just waiting for sunset. Prevention is essential, and the heart of prevention is good maintenance. A well-maintained generator is ready to go when it is called upon, leaving no need to go without. And when the occasional breakdown does occur, it is essential to have quality service through www.generatorplace.com.au/ to get you back online as quickly as possible.

Service is Difficult

Most of us can handle simple repairs around the house. Changing a tire or replacing a furnace filter is a straightforward job that might be hard to do, but isn’t hard to do incorrectly. We can sometimes get the idea that we’re able to do whatever repairs we need around the house, but when it comes to a generator, that is not the case. Qualified technicians have been trained in many different fields, including the operation of small engines and the transmission of electricity to the home. A lack of experience, training, tools, and appropriate parts can lead homeowners to make costly and potentially dangerous mistakes when attempting to make repairs themselves.

Repairs Can Be Dangerous

As we’ve noted, generators are complex, multi-faceted systems built of several different mechanical and electrical elements that must work in concert. Anytime you are dealing with an internal combustion engine and high voltage, the work should be left to thoroughly qualified people. Any error can lead to a risk of fire, electrocution, or carbon monoxide poisoning. DIY service or efforts by unqualified people increase the risk that something will go wrong, creating a dangerous situation that can threaten your home and health, as well as the functionality of the generator itself.

Service Prevents Problems

The time to replace something is before it fails, if you can detect it in advance. The better your service program, the more likely your technician is to notice things that aren’t working as they should be. This permits preemptive repairs that can keep the endangered part from not only causing a failure but also causing damage to other components that would otherwise be working normally. Qualified service in the short term can dramatically lower costs and downtime in the long run.

Warranties Are in Play

Another good reason to avoid attempts at do-it-yourself repairs is that mistakes you might make are not covered under warranties. These plans are valuable insurance for your investment, providing reassurance that in the unlikely event of a major problem, the cost will be covered under the terms of the warranty. If you undertake work that you are not certified to do, you might do more than fail to make the needed repairs. You may also endanger your ability to have the repairs covered by the warranty. Remember that there are very specific terms in warranty documents, so you should familiarize yourself with them when you purchase your generator and take care not to take on more than the warranty will permit you to do. Sometimes you can cost yourself a lot of money by trying to save money, and this is definitely one of those times.

Good Service is a Good Sign

It’s never a good idea to do business with someone who doesn’t commit to their product. As you shop for a backup generator, you can probably find some very low prices. However, a deeper examination will reveal that those dealers will not provide the level of service that you deserve. There are only a few reasons this can happen. First, they may not be qualified or equipped to perform service work. They may also know that their product is so poor that they’ll lose money trying to keep it going for you. Either situation is bad news, and you should be acutely aware not just of when a price is lower but why it is lower. Service is often the difference.

A backup generator is there to protect you. It will provide power to keep your home safe and comfortable while preserving your food supply as well as your delicate electronics. With so much at stake, it’s essential that your generator is properly maintained, and that you have a dealer whose service team will be there as quickly as possible to make repairs when needed.


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