7 Most Effective Tactics To Save Space in you Car

A car is a small finite space that can only fit a set number of belongings and people. You may be moving cross country or going on a family road trip, so you’ll need to load up your car with bulky but necessary essentials. How do you make them all fit without going crazy? Unfortunately, even the most spacious SUV can feel like a stuffed sardine can if you pack it the wrong way. Use these seven handy space-saving tips below to keep you organized when you hit the road:

Pack Smart

Poorly packed bags and a poorly planned system of organizing them in your car will bring loads of misery. Before you begin stuffing anything into your vehicle, think about what you will really need. Next, visualize in your head how all of these will fit into the car. The ideal line up of loading will be the ones that you need immediately would be nearest to the door. Be sure that easy access items like wipes, extra clothes for the kids, or the first aid kit are all in within easy reach by the side doors or underneath the seat. You don’t want to have to mess up everything to look for the wipes when Junior has already exploded in his diaper.

Raise It To The Roof

Purchase a rooftop box or carrier and have car detailers install it for you to ensure that it is securely fastened and it won’t go flying as you speed along the highway. A rooftop box or carrier comes in many different sizes, which will extend your trunk storage space. It can be in a basket form, a soft bag, or a hard top case. The hard top case may be worth the investment because it protects your things from the natural elements like the sun, dirt, and rain. On top of that, it often comes with a combination lock that will keep all your things secure even if you park your car in a rest area to take your break.

Roll Not Fold

Contrary to popular belief, folding is not a space saver. The reason why many boutiques use this method is that they want their displays to take up space. No wants to go shopping in a bare-looking store. The best way to space save in your luggage, which then affects the space consumed in your vehicles, is to roll those clothes. Rolling your clothes allows you to pack more things into your luggage. And the best part, these clothes don’t wrinkle as much when they are in transit. The clothes are packed so tight, there is no space for them to move anymore. Roll and pack like a pro.

Utilize Space Bags

If you’re going camping and you need to take blankets and pillows, then suck those suckers! Seriously, space bags shall be your best friend when it is necessary to take such light but bulky items along with you. Put them in a space-saving bag and have your vacuum suck out the air to decompress them. En voila! They get reduced in less than half the original size, leaving you with more space you than ever.

Work With Every Nook and Cranny

Don’t discount your car’s crevices and use every nook and cranny. Pack those boots under the seats. Stuff the side compartments by the door with your swimming gear. On top of that, you can also use this same principle when packing your stuff. For instance, fill those fashion boots with socks, hats, and mittens. If you’re going camping, you can fill your husband’s pots and pans with canned goods and other food essentials like rice. Utilize every inch of space there is so you can really maximize your limited space allowance.

Use Large Tubs to Keep Organized

Use large plastic bins to help you organize your things. The best part about them is that they are see-through or slightly opaque, so you can easily see what’s inside. Keep these big bins in your car to help you compartmentalize. It also keeps the stuff secure because they don’t have to roll around while the car is in motion. To illustrate, one big can be for cooking essentials, the other for camping gear, and the other for clothes. The nice characteristic of these plastic boxes is that they can be stacked on top of each other. Sometimes, when you’re only going for a short road trip, it will be more prudent to just share one box because having too many bags eat up a lot of space. What you can do is put each individual’s set of clothes in ziplock bags with corresponding labels. Fewer bags mean there are lesser chances of something getting left behind. Opting to simplify your packing life is always in your best interest.

Down Size Snacks

It is always tempting to grab large stacks of snacks when going on a road trip. After all, no one wants to go hungry. That can easily escalate to Anger! Cranky, angry, hungry kids will just make the car ride feel like torture. However, going for the industrial-sized packaging is a huge waste of space. No one will be able to finish that giant pack of chips in one sitting. It is also clearly a waste of money because no one wants to eat soggy chips. Passing around the bag will also make for a dirtier interior as crumbs fall down, with those sticky, little fingers grabbing handfuls. It is smarter to get smaller packages or repack these giant ones into smaller containers, which are more manageable to use. In reality, you guys will never really go hungry because there are many rest areas along the way to your final destination.

And there you have it, folks. With these handy tips, you can easily pack your things inside your vehicle for your next road adventure. Don’t forget to pack a grab and go bag, maybe in the form of a backpack, which shall contain all your essentials like gum, water, wipes, Tylenol, and the like. Keep this bag near you at all times for your convenience. Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.


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