7 Characteristics of an Amazing Wedding Photographer

Selecting a wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions in the wedding planning process. Wedding photographers transform moments into memories, so choosing a photographer whose vision matches your own is paramount. For many couples, though, a wedding photographer is the first creative individual they will have ever hired, so where to start? How do you hire a professional, talented individual who will deliver images that you will treasure forever?

Below you will find 7 characteristics that separate the average from the truly amazing. A Honeywed Byron Bay photographer who embodies each of these characteristics allows you to walk down the aisle with confidence that every smile, every blush, and every sweet, romantic moment is preserved for years to come.

The Right Equipment and Training

It might sound obvious, but a photographer is only as good as his equipment. This isn’t to say that every amazing photographer must arrive with a trailer full of technology in tow. Some couples prefer simplicity, and that’s perfectly acceptable. However, if a photographer chooses the simple route, she should have equipment that is reliable and capable of producing high quality images in multiple types of lighting, such as tripod light stands, remote flash setups, and flash diffusers.

Other equipment to consider is supplemental yet still important. Does your photographer bring backup batteries to guarantee that equipment doesn’t malfunction during the ceremony? Does she have extra storage cards for digital photos to ensure that no moment vanishes into oblivion? Will he use various lenses to capture both wide-angle and closeup shots? Ask these questions before hiring to guarantee that your photographer’s equipment is up to the challenge of preserving what will be one of the most important days of your life.

A Comprehensive Portfolio

An amazing wedding photographer will have an amazing and comprehensive photography portfolio. There is nothing wrong with hiring a photographer that is new to the business, and this may be a great way for thrifty couples to cut down on some of the wedding costs. However, a new photographer should still have a portfolio that shows what she is capable of. Browsing the portfolio allows you to see if the photographer’s style, tone, and technique match your vision.

Unique Style and Technique

There are countless ways to approach photographing a wedding, and you will likely have a style in mind when interviewing potential photographers. A wedding photographer with a unique style or technique will be able to capture what is unique about your own wedding. If you find yourself struck by the beauty or creativity of a specific photo in a photographer’s portfolio, that’s a good indication that he or she will bring the same ingenuity to your special day.

Good People Skills

An artist with good people skills may seem like a contradiction in terms. We’ve all heard the stereotype of artists as difficult, demanding creatives with wild and unpredictable behavior, but that character simply doesn’t work in the field of photography. An amazing wedding photographer possesses the ability to put people at ease. A wedding day is stressful, and you will need someone to work closely with you to erase the stress and nerves from your facial expressions so that the only emotion captured is bliss.

If you feel uncomfortable with a wedding photographer in preliminary meetings, you will likely feel even more uncomfortable when you are working with the photographer on your wedding day. Do you feel heard by your photographer? Does he or she show an interest in capturing your vision and listening to your thoughts? Amazing wedding photographers should have amazing people skills, so that they can shepherd you and your wedding party through the photography process and capture authentic smiling faces.

A Trusted Assistant

Wedding photographers who use photography assistants are able to capture a wider variety of shots during your event. While one photographer is focusing on closeups, the other can be snapping wider images that reveal the overall setting. Assistants also help with changing batteries, swapping storage cards, and setting up new shots so that no moment is lost during the setup process. Ask your photographer whether an assistant will be present on your wedding day, and let your photographer describe how he or she uses that assistant to get a better understanding of how your day will be preserved.

Clear, Concise Contracts

A professional wedding photographer must have a contract that elucidates exactly what the couple-to-be can expect to receive as the finished product. What separates a good photographer from a truly amazing wedding photographer, however, may be the clarity of that contract. Can you read the contract quickly and know exactly what you’ll be receiving? Does the contract mention when the photographer will show up, how many photos the couple will receive, when proofs will be delivered, and what photo packages are offered once final images have been selected? All of this information should be included in the contract, and the photographer should go over this document in detail before any decision is made and especially before any money is paid.

A Satisfaction Guarantee

Finally, your photographer should guarantee your satisfaction. This may sound like a big risk for a photographer, as no artist wants to lose out on compensation because a client is unhappy. Don’t forget, though, that you are taking a risk in hiring this individual to immortalize your wedding day. If a photographer misses a moment, that moment is lost forever. A truly amazing wedding photographer puts your satisfaction and happiness above all else, and with a guarantee on the line, photographers are more diligent in learning about your vision, hopes, and preferences. A wedding photographer is an investment, plain and simple, and a satisfaction guarantee protects that investment.

Planning a wedding often seems like a series of critical decisions. Using these 7 characteristics to choose a wedding photographer will ensure that one decision, at least, is crossed off your list with confidence.


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