7 Best Wedding Ideas 2019

A wedding is a beautiful celebration between you and your life partner that brings your friends and family together for a joyous celebration. Planning a wedding can be a bit challenging especially if you cannot afford to hire a wedding planner. Luckily, you can plan your big day with or without the help of a wedding planner. If you do decide to hire a wedding, it is vital to ensure they bring to life the vision you have for your wedding day. By now you probably have the date set for the wedding but have no idea where to begin. There are plenty of great wedding ideas out there that you can incorporate into your big day and make it personalized to fit your theme. These wedding ideas can also help you cut down on costs while amazing your friends at the same time.

The following are seven wedding ideas that will ensure you have an exceptional, beautiful wedding day.

1. Pick a theme

If you want your wedding day to stand out and be creative, always go for a themed wedding. A themed wedding brings along the excitement of dressing up and getting into different characters that you would not on a normal day. Some of the common wedding themes that bridals go for include: romantic, vintage, whimsical, modern and rustic. On the other hand, you can decide to think out of the box and choose movie themes such as Star Wars, Cinderella, and Shrek among others. The more creative you are with your theme, the more fun you will have in picking your bridal dress from Luv Bridal Bridesmaids.

2. DIY as much as you can

Planning a wedding is expensive and can become frustrating with each paycheck you write to your caterers, florists or wedding band. Doing DIY’s for some of your wedding ideas will significantly help you cut down costs while still creating a beautiful moment. You can DIY your wedding invitations cards using envelopes, cards, and glue at home. You need to be creative in this because it is what the guests receive and it creates a huge first impression. You can also DIY your floral arrangements especially if you have a home garden. There is no need to buy flowers when they are growing in your backyard.

3. Outdoor wedding

Most people are used to having a traditional indoor wedding in a church or a court. Over the years this has changed, and many people are now embracing weddings done outdoors, e.g. on beaches, gardens, and resorts. If you want to step out of your comfort zone and enjoy the beautiful sun and war, weather, plan an outdoor wedding. An outdoor wedding has many perks like allowing children to run around and play and also provide plenty of space for planning adult games. With an outdoor wedding, you have a large canvas to place whatever activities you want to be done on your day. Whether it is a bouncing castle, reception area or bar stand you have enough space to use.

4. Print out your drink and food menu

Drinks and food are an essential part of any wedding because they provide your guests with the energy to dance, laugh, talk and mingle with each other. When planning your wedding reception ensure you display your menu in fun ways for guests to know what to pick. You can even go further to include some of the ingredients that are in the food so that guests do not consume food they are allergic to. You can print the menu on a textured fabric or place it on glass orbs. This not only adds class to your wedding but it makes the food feel special, and it will taste special too.

5. Write down your vows

Your wedding day is a special day to tell your partner how you feel about them and what they mean to you. Stay away from the traditional I do vows and write personal, romantic vows for each other. You can read these vows during the ceremony and make your partner feel extra special on a beautiful day. You can also write down personal messages for the people that have attended the wedding and those that mean more to you. Keep these personal messages in small gift baskets for the guest to carry when they leave the wedding. Additionally, you can send a text to everyone that attended the wedding thanking them for their time.

6. Have mini bites

Weddings can take all day long, and the last thing you want is your guests staying hungry and perched throughout as they wait for the reception. It is essential to have mini bites and drinks that are passed around by waiters throughout the day as your guests enjoy the wedding. The mini bites can also be mini versions of the foods that will be served later on in the reception. This way, guests can have a taste of the main course meals and choose what they like from the mini bites. You want your guests to leave the wedding and remember what they ate. You can do this by creating tasty and saucy mini bites and meals that leave the guests wanting more.

7. Have a playground or play section

Unless you do not plan to invite kids to your wedding, it is primal you have a play section for them. Kids get bored quickly and can ruin your wedding day when they are screaming and fussing around. Have a play section that has fun activities and toys for playing when they get bored. This keeps them entertained and allows you to concentrate on creating beautiful memories for your big day.

Bottom line

These unique ideas will transform your wedding day from basic to memorable and fun. Remember you are not constricted to using wedding ideas that are the norm in society. Always think outside the box and pick ideas that work best for you. With these ideas, you are guaranteed to have a beautiful wedding day.

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