7 Best Ways to Clean Your Wool Carpet

Wool carpeting is an excellent choice in any home. It’s beautiful. It comes in a vast array of colors, making it easy for people to find the color they like best. The carpeting also has many different textures, making it possible to introduce welcome textural contrast.

A long expanse of wool carpeting invites people to sit down, relax and interact with others. Wool also helps insulate the room from issues such as noise and provides an additional layer that can keep a home warm in winter months and cooler when summer shows up. If you have wool carpeting in your home, you’ll want to make sure that carpeting stays in the best shape possible. This is why good carpeting cleaning is best. Carpet cleaning Brisbane makes it easy to keep that wool carpeting in fine shape, remove any existing dirt and keep the room where the carpet is presently looking great.

1. Blot It

Small stains are quite common. It’s easy to spill wine by accident. You’ll want to deal with these kinds of sudden stains as rapidly as possible. The best way to accomplish this is to bring out a clean cloth. Then, you want to gently blot up all the liquid. Blotting allows you to soak up as much of the liquid as you can before it gets into the fibers of the rug. Make sure you have a clean cloth. Paper towels are good as they clean when you pick them up. You can also use a new sponge or a dishcloth. Just make sure it’s clean. Put some water on the cloth before you apply it to the carpeting. You’ll get even more of the spill this way and avoid any lingering stick residue that might pose a danger to the overall look of the carpets.

2. Detergent Cleaning

Sometimes, you might need to use something a bit stronger on your carpets. Look for detergents that are designed for use on wool items. If you can use on your favorite sweaters, you can also use it on the carpeting on your home. Make sure it’s diluted enough before you bring it to your carpeting. You’ll only need a small amount to get out most kinds of dirt. A mop can be helpful to help spread the entire amount of the detergent across large areas of the carpeting that might need this kind of seriously cleaning on a routine basis.

3. Using a Small Vacuum

Vacuums are large and bulky. Many homeowners keep smaller versions around. These are easier to maneuver and store when not in use. These kinds of vacuums are a good choice when it comes to keeping your wool carpeting in great shape. You can run the vacuum across the surface of the rug several times a week. Doing so will help keep any dirt from settling into the carpeting long term. Removing dirt this way also helps avoid any lingering stains that might otherwise develop if not addressed.

4. Brushing Away Dirt

While some forms of dirt can be very hard to remove, others need only a bit of brushing. It’s a good idea to keep a brush within easy reach at all times. Grab the brush after a weather event such as heavy rain. You can use it to remove the mud that a child might track inside after playing with a friend. A simple brush can get rid of that dirt before it sinks into the rest of the carpeting. Use it if you suspect any dirt has been dragged in. If you are putting that carpeting in a room that gets a lot of traffic, consider having another rug next to the wool rug. People can wipe the dirt and other possible unwanted particles from their shoes on that rug before they come in your home.

5. Water Only

Water is an easy and useful thing to keep on hand when it comes to cleaning your wool rug. You can keep around at all times. Any ordinary water including basic tap water works just fine. A fast spritz will help you meet any challenges that you might encounter. Take a spray bottle and apply the water directly to the dirt. When you’re done, you’ll want to remove the excess water with a clean towel. You’ll keep your carpeting in tiptop shape without the need to spend a lot of time or a lot of money on any cleaning products.

6. Shaking It Out

A good shaking is an ideal choice for smaller rugs. Smaller rugs can be taken outside and shaken carefully. This will help remove all dirt particles from the entire rug. A larger rug may require help from someone else. Two or more people can take the rug and shake it well. This is a good time to bring the rug outside. If you have a terrace or other protected space, it’s easier than ever to bring the rug outside and get rid of such particles. Make sure that you’re not near any other dirt. Keep the rug away from large pieces of outdoor furniture that might make it dirty. You can take the rug to a secluded and clean spot. A minute or so of cleaning can make it easy to remove that unwanted dirt with ease.

7. Steam Cleaning

Steam is a good option if you have lots of thicker carpets. Steam cleaning is a good choice for thicker carpets or carpets that get a lot of wear and tear. You can rent a steam cleaner on your own or have help from a professional carpet cleaning service. The carpet cleaning service will bring the machine to your door and clean all the wool carpets in your home. Steam helps to fully clean all of the fibers and remove any dirt that might have sunk and become ingrained over time. A professional steam cleaning is ideal as it will make sure all areas of the carpets are totally and completely cleaned.


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