6 Budget-Friendly Return Gifts for Raksha Bandhan Ceremony

Unique Raksha Bandhan Return Gifts

The bond of sister and brother is the purest. The dedication between siblings is best exemplified by occasions such as Rakshabandhan, which is celebrated in India. Here, the ceremony begins in the morning. After a ritual, the sacred thread called Rakhi is tied by the sister to her brother’s wrist. The event marks promise by the brother towards his sister, to protect her forever. Those siblings who stay away from each other can opt to send Rakhi online with presents for the function. Gifts and blessings are exchanged on this day, thus form an important aspect of the celebration.

Several family members become part of the function and it is therefore a huge get-together. Apart from the tying of Rakhi, the guests and blood-relatives are given return gifts to acknowledge their presence. Knowing the right kind of return-gift for the event is crucial, and we will provide some of the economical ideas to it.

Unique Raksha Bandhan Return Gifts
  1. Gourmet Basket with Flowers

Nothing works better than a gourmet basket for gifting to loved ones. The basket can contain sweets, delicacies, dry fruits, snacks, and other eatables. Healthy bites gourmet boxes are easily available in the market today. Chocolates and homemade preparations are also a good choice. Present it along with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, especially floral arrangements consisting or gerberas, roses, lilies, orchids etc.

  1. Presents for Kids and Adults

For children, toys and puzzle games could be thoughtful, while for adults, you may opt for tokens such as vanity cases, wallets, purses, jewellery, trophies etc. If you know relatives who have children but could not make it to the function, you can order Rakhi online along with a greeting card, chocolates and delicacies. Take into consideration age of the guests to select the appropriate gift.

  1. A Special Memento

A memento is a keepsake that reminds a person of the event. For instance, if you had taken a group photograph of the guests, then you can get it framed and present it as return-gift. Many prefer religious tokens on this ceremony, such as silver or gold coin, as a souvenir of well-wishes and luck, while miniature idols of Gods can also be a wise choice.

  1. Handcrafted Items

Festivals are the time when people give back to the society. A way to honour this idea is to get handcrafted items as return-gifts, from non-profit organizations or small businesses rather than purchasing expensive presents. Some of the objects to consider are silk-thread artefacts, bangles, sandalwood treasure boxes, wall-clocks etc. These items are affordable and when you buy goodies from economically-backward groups, who make it, provides impetus to step-up in their lives.

  1. Elegant Trays with Goodies

Gorgeous serving trays decorated with gems, stonework, silver and ornamental edges are premium return gifts for guests. You can pack these trays with other goodies such as toffees, candies, dry fruits such as almonds, raisins, cashews etc and tie them in a fancy gift-wrap paper. Add a ‘thank you’ note, mentioning the name of the member to make the token more personalized and meaningful.

  1. Kitchen and Cutlery Set

A set of cutleries and cookware are fine gifts to family members and guests who attend the Raksha Bandhan ceremony. You can select from simple to elaborate depending on the budget. A simple tea-set or luxurious dinner-set could be ideal. You can select from several patterns and designs for cutlery items, such as Victorian, Elizabethan, French, country, retro etc.

The above-mentioned return gifts for Rakhi festival are popular among Indians. Most of these are pocket-friendly. You can choose these as give-away items for every family member or guest who attends the Raksha Bandhan festival.

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