5 Amazing Bamboo Steamer Cooking Tips

Steaming is an extraordinary cooking system, which cooks the food with delicacy. Since the sauce never makes contact with the food, there is no chance of overcooking.

This implies the food holds its color, surface, and shape. Cooking with a bamboo steamer has more benefits than boiling it. This is because the water-solvent supplements won’t get out of the food into the water.

A bamboo steamer is a round-shaped container with a woven base that allows steam to enter and cook the food. They are famous when it comes to Asian recipes.

You can place these steamers over one another to cook food side by side. They sit on top of boiling water in a pot and the top steamer has a cover.

Bamboo steamers baskets are cheap and simple to use. You can use them to cook vegetables, dumplings, steam buns and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Here are some critical points to keep in mind while cooking in a bamboo steamer:

1- Set It Up Before Using

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Give your steamer a decent wash with gentle foamy water and you’re good to go. Soak it in water for 30 minutes before using. This assists with the warmth circulation inside the steamer.

Your steamer should fit inside the edge of your pot and not be more extensive. This is an important point as it helps defer the cooking time.

2- Wellbeing Tips While Cooking

Bamboo Steamer Cooking Tips
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Never place the steamer ablaze or warmth source as it will consume the heat. During the cooking process, make sure that the bamboo steamer is filled up with water. If the water level runs low, fill it with warm water to keep the temperature from dropping.

Handle the steamer and its substance with consideration as they will be hot. Use gloves or tongs to make things move inside the steamer. Steam and bubbling water can cause dreadful consumes, so open the cover of the steamer away from you.

3- Utilizing the Right Method

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If you are preparing a meal that sticks too much as dumplings, buns, cakes, bao, and so on. Line the steamer with heating paper to keep sustenance from adhering to the bamboo.

Make a point to either jab openings or leave room around the paper for the steam to come through. For the extra season, lettuce, bamboo leaves can likewise be set inside the steamer. The dumplings or different things are then set over this.

If you are cooking a meal with a sauce like meat or prawns etc. Pick a plate or bowl that is 3cm thick to keep the juices from your food to spill into the bubbling water beneath. This process helps with the washing afterward.

Porcelain or untreated metal dishes work best, yet you can use stoneware and glass dishes. You can steam vegetables and other food that doesn’t stick without any dish or liner.

4- Guaranteeing Food is Well Cooked

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If you are cooking in various layers of steamers. Place food that has longer cooking time at the base and one with shorter cooking times towards the top. You can place food that has the same cook times in a similar container so to cook them side by side.

Place food items in an even layer to cook it at an even rate throughout. Food like dumplings and bao, they ought to be 1cm separated, so they don’t end up adhered to one another.

Fish filets take around 10 mins, yet check it after every 2 mins intervals to prevent overcooking.

5- After-Steps for Cooking Care

Bamboo Steamer Cooking Tips
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After steaming, wash the steamer with high temp water and check for any food remains. Clean it with a brush and gentle foamy water. You can use vinegar as a cleaning specialist.

When clean, permit to air dry to avoid form and buildup. At the point when completely dry, your bamboo steamers are ready for another use.


We hope this article explained a few inquiries that you had about Bamboo Steamers. From how to use and how to re-use, everything is well-explained in this writing.

We hope that you will concur: a bamboo steamer is a magnificent method to bring sound cooking into your home.

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