4 Things to Always Keep in Your Gym Bag

When going to the gym you cannot forget the backpack or the bag with everything you need. The sports apparel, clothes, brings a change of clothes after doing exercise, everything you need to shower … and the lock or coin to the box office are the things that one should carry while going to gym. But before going deep into what we should carry in the backpack of the gym, we must talk about the backpack itself.

You should feel comfortable with it and make sure the backpack will fit in the gym locker. In some gyms the lockers are very small, and between the backpack, the jacket and the shoes sometimes we have to do tricks to close it. It should not be too big or too small; it should fit all well and possibly be divided into compartments.


One of the fundamental things you should know is that you need a bag ready to go to the gym. This means that it must be resistant, with comfortable handles and compartments so you can put your things and organize them. Although the ideal is not to take too many things so that it does not weigh too much, the truth is that you will need essentials that take up space, so it is important that it be of a sufficient size for all your things. The things to keep in gym bag are:


It does not matter if you train in a room or if you do a collective class: the towel is a must as long as we go to the gym. Not only to clean the sweat that many of us fall to our forehead, but also as a measure of hygiene when using the material we have at our disposal.

It is not nice to go to use a machine or a mat and find it stained by the sweat of the person who has been there before (chills are just starting to creep in my mind …), so we can minimize the risk by using our own towel.


The second thing you should put in the backpack is sportswear, essential to be able to play sports comfortably. It should be comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely. Gym stringers and tights or trousers, but it is also advisable to wear a thin sweatshirt for warm-up or not to cool down in the interval from the end of your workout until you enter the shower. In the case of women, the sports bra is another indispensable element in the wardrobe. Here we could include the shoes.

gym clothesThere are those who go with the sports shoes since leaving home, a good option to make sure we do not forget. However, for hygiene and comfort it is advisable to go with some slippers from home and use others exclusively for training. Depending on the training you follow or the type of sport you practice in the gym, you may need specific shoes to practice it, so do not forget to put them in your backpack.

Hydrate with water:

Hydration is essential when you exercise. Bring a bottle of water so you can fill it as often as necessary. You will not want to run out of a way to hydrate yourself or have to buy too expensive water in the gym. Especially if you are going to perform an aerobic activity such as race, spinning or combat, the water bottle should appear on your list to check before leaving for the gym.

hydrate with waterHydrate before, during and after exercise is important to maintain a good level in training and to replace the fluid we lose through sweating. During the exercise the water is the most indicated: avoid drinks with sugar (if you are not going to run a marathon, it is not necessary that you replenish glycogen), and those that contain mineral salts go better after training. Before starting, if you want a chute of energy you can choose a single coffee. And, of course, avoid alcoholic beverages, both before and after.

A Clean Change:

There is nothing more pleasant than changing clothes after showering, so before leaving home make sure you have put in your backpack a clean change: underwear, socks, a shirt … In this sense, it is advisable to have in your backpack a double change of underwear, in case one day you forget to replace it. It is also advisable to take two pairs of socks. If in summer you go in sandals, you may forget them at home and doing sports without them is not recommended.

In addition, beautiful sportswear can also be another motivation to go to the gym and not skip your training.

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