4 Smart Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Living in a small space is full of challenges, but undoubtedly one of the biggest headaches you will face is the storage: where to keep all those things you have? The big problem is that also a house with many things in view seems even smaller, so it is important to find intelligent and ingenious storage solutions. There are many things you can do! Before starting in the world of ingenious storage, yes, check out all your belongings and ask yourself if you really need them all.

It is difficult, but if you get rid of those that are not essential you will feel much lighter. Nowadays space saving has become a priority in order to maintain the right balance we need at home and thinking about this problem that afflicts many people, Ideas Perfectas offers you smart and ingenious solutions so you can save that space that so much you need. We have all gone through this stage where we decided to buy the perfect house to live with our family comfortably and it is at that moment that we realize that a house is very expensive and we opted for a department. Do not be discouraged by small inconvenience, it is not necessary to have a huge house to enjoy the comfort.

small storage solutions

The existence of unused spaces in most homes is an undeniable reality. However, it is possible to detect them with some foresight and, with the help of a professional, adapt them and put them at our service. The important thing is to define the use that will be given to them since, depending on it; we will opt for some resources or others. For example, if it is about books or collections of all kinds it is best to be in sight while, if we talk about seasonal clothing or textiles, it is best to keep them closed and free of dust.

Fortunately, you can also hire someone for a household move, for large family moves you can hire AM Movers Richmond Hill which provides the suitable packages according to your need. However, if you still do not have very clear to what you will allocate that space, until now in disuse, it is best to opt for solutions or shelves that are interchangeable, a resource that will allow you to have different spaces according to the objects that appear. When you have a small house it is difficult to find space for all the things that need to be stored. In our article there are 4 Smart Storage Ideas for Small Spaces:

Near the bed, there is Storage Space

Having everything organized is already a great challenge, when space is small, it is even more so. You have to be creative and look for solutions to save. One of the best ideas when optimizing a bedroom, whether individual or marriage is to take advantage of the space under the bed.

small storage solutions

It is perfect for storing seasonal clothes that you do not wear, shoes and everything you do not use normally. And if you are looking for a cheaper and improvised solution, you can always choose to place some boxes under your bed and keep those things that need a place in them

Storage within the header

Since the bed occupies almost the entire room, there is not much space available for storage. If you also decide to have a headboard then the possibilities decrease even more. But there is a way to turn all that in your favor. You can sue the header as a storage unit. It’s a smart and simple way to maximize storage space in the bedroom.

Storage inside the walls

The walls are what keep a house above the ground and also what defines the rooms. However, sometimes the wall can become unnecessary. If it is the case or not, you can also use the walls as storage spaces. For example, you can use the space inside the walls of the bathroom and thus make it more functional and well ventilated.

Laundry room in a closet

When you have a small house, there is not enough room for a laundry room. In this case, you have to adapt and come up with something new. If space is carefully measured, a closet can replace a laundry room. All you need is a series of shelves of different dimensions and storage boxes of various sizes.

small storage solutions

You can also add some hooks if you want. This will help keep everything in place and will also help you to be more organized.

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