4 Reasons : Why you should not buy the OnePlus 5T


Oneplus 5tThe OnePlus 5T was one of the most anticipated phone till date. And people really seem to like it but for some reasons I don’t. Here are 4 reasons why I would not recommend anyone to buy the OnePlus 5T.


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1. The Design & Fingerprint –

I personally expected the OnePlus 5T to be a banger in terms of design. But OnePlus decided to disappoint me by keeping the design same as the OnePlus 5. Almost nothing has changed except the change in the location of fingerprint sensor. This brings me to my next point and guess what? The only change in design was a bad one. With most of the flagships these days having the sensor to the front or having it completely replaced by something else ( yes, apple I’m looking at you ), OnePlus decided to put the sensor to the back ruining the premium looks and making its users put extra efforts to unlock the phone.


2. Camera

As I said earlier, I expected this flagship to be something out of this world but OnePlus again to my disappointment decided to keep the camera same as the OnePlus 5 with no major upgrade. The dual camera setup is good for potrait mode and also gets the job done in low light. The primary camera is quick and functions well out doors while the secondary camera is a low light module while the one in OnePlus 5 was a zoom lens. I have to say that the zoom lens was more powerful compared to the low light module. Another feature OnePlus missed on the camera is OIS or optical image stabilization which comes in handy while recording hand held videos.


3. Software & Battery

The OnePlus 5T comes with Oxygen OS which is based on Android 7.1.1 which was launched a year back and almost all flagships today come with the latest android version – Oreo. This makes the device feel old and its extremely lame and dumb to put a year old OS on a new phone.

Another thing OnePlus decided to keep the same was the Battery capacity, you get the same 3300 amah for a phone with a bigger display and a better resolution.

4. No Water Resistance & QHD Display

The OnePlus 5T unlike the Pixel, iPhone and V30 does not come with water resistance. This is quite disappointing keeping the fact in mind that even lower – end and cheaper phones like Moto X4 have it.

While most of the phones in the same price bracket come with a QHD display resolution. Neither of the OnePlus 5 or OnePlus 5T do so. They have the same old Full HD resolution which is quite a disappointment.



The phone still has a lots of cool features and has an amazing price mark considering the thing it can do. Another great thing is that the pricing of the OP 5 and OP 5T is the same, making it the best phone available by OnePlus. If your primary usage is not affected by the things mentioned above, I totally recommend you to go with this phone. ?

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