4 Pro Contour and Highlighting Tips you need to know about

No matter how big a makeup freak you are, you will surely not disagree with the fact that contouring is the best trend right now, be it for women on ordinary streets or models on the runway!

Contouring and highlighting not only enhance your facial features, creating an emphasis on high cheekbones like Angelina Jolie, pouty lips like Kim Kardashian and a slim nose like Jessica Biel but, meanwhile sculpt your entire face for a brand new look.

If you are an amateur when it comes to contouring techniques, here are a few pro tips you can checkout and learn a thing or two!

Know and Understand the Terminology

You want success? You need to do your homework right! For starters, contouring is the term which refers to creating dark lines on your face to enhance and define your desired features.

Highlighting, however is the opposite of contouring. Instead of creating dark shadowy lines on the face, you create light colored, mostly glossy lines to make certain features more prominent and pronounced.

Keep these two in mind and you will be good to go!

Which Tools and Products will you need

As far as contour and highlighting is concerned, know that you will need specific kind of brushes and blending tools to get the right effect on your face. You wouldn’t want it to turn out too cakey neither too plain.

You will need:

  • A Contour Brush Set

If you want the perfectly defined cheekbones and a thin nose, you definitely need angled brushes. Ditch the process of skimming through sales and discounts and settle for only the best, soft brushes because your skin matters!
Get yourself a pair of angled brushes, one small brush for your nose and one angled kabuki brush for cheeks, jaw-line and forehead and you will be good to go!

  • Contour Palette

If you are looking for the perfect, natural look, what better than MAYBELLINE Master Sculpt Contouring Palette 01 Light Medium. This contour palette is handy, easy to use and is perfect for everyday use. However, if you prefer something luminous yet soft, go for contour cream palettes.

  • Highlighters

The list can go on and on! There are several types of highlighters available at online makeup stores as well as local makeup outlets. If you haven’t used a highlighter yet, you definitely need to try one or two before settling for the right one.

While you can settle for the glossy, luminous cream based highlighter, you can also opt for powder shimmers in diverse shades.

How to Master Contouring

Everyone has different features and you just can’t decide to go for high cheekbones such as Angelina Jolie’s if your face is round. In order to master the art of contouring, you need to understand your facial structure, your features and then map your face the right way.

Begin your contouring after you have applied your face foundation. Choose the dark contour stick or powder and trace your temples. As for your cheeks, squeeze them in and locate the hollow part of the cheeks with your fingers to find your cheekbones. Simply trace the dip in a downward direction to emphasize on the high cheekbone effect. Trace your jaw-line too.

The next step is nose contouring. Pick up your MAYBELLINE Master Contour Compact 20 Medium to Deep and a small angled brush. Simply create two vertical lines on the borders of the nose and narrow the line when you reach the tip.


Blending makes all the difference. Use your beauty blender pads or angled brushes to blend the fine lines for a naturally contoured look.

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