10 Proven Techniques to Increase Blog Traffic in 2018

10 Proven Techniques to Increase Blog TrafficIt is a dream of every blogger to have huge traffic on their blog. More traffic means more money, increasing subscribers, and more exposure!

So, if you want to increase visitors to your blog then you need to follow some major techniques of blogging and the right way to use SEO on your blog.

I’ve seen many bloggers quit blogging because they don’t have much traffic and no earnings!

We bloggers keep on learning from the beginning that the bloggers must have patience because blogging is not a single day task. It needs to be updated and maintained properly for a longer period of time to gain the trust of the audiences.

“Trust is the key to success in blogging!”

You also have to publish unique and very informative posts so that they may visit your site again.

Below I’ve listed top 10 proven ways to increase your blog traffic in 2018

1. Make keyword research for titles

Keyword research is the first task you need to perform while choosing the title of your post. Always practice using focus keywords on your title to let the visitors find you in search results with the exact keyphrases he/she looking for. In this case, Google Keyword Planner, Semrush, Longtail pro can help you out.

These all are the premium keyword research tools, but if you are looking for any free keywords research tools than I highly recommend using free Moz Keyword Explorer for better keyword research.

2. Use keywords in Search description

You might have seen snippet texts below the title link in search results. These snippet texts are often called “Post or Search description”. It helps visitors to analyze what your post is about in 200 characters.

The purpose of these characters is to show the summary of your articles and it helps posts to rank higher in search results for matching keywords.

So, whenever you create a post, don’t forget to use this feature through your blogging platform. Only put significant keywords based on the article you are creating.

3. Use heading tags for headings

Heading tags are very essential for SEO and it helps search engine crawlers understand which heading is very important and which one is least.

These heading tags are generally divided into 6 categories starting from <h1> to <h6>. The h1 heading is the title of your post by default and remaining tags you can add manually to your blog post.

4. Write informative lengthy posts

Creating informative and most relevant posts should be your main goal. On the other hand, lengthy useful posts make it easier for your blog to rank higher in the top of Google Search results.

You might have noticed that the first 3 articles of Google Search Results are the most relevant lengthy articles among all. This is why lengthy posts are very significant and it can help you out to rank higher in search results.

5. Use rich media contents for better understanding

We all know that “a picture is worth a thousand words” and “a video is worth lakh words”. So, using rich media contents on your article is a good practice to briefly describe the topic to your readers.

You can also add infographics, graphs, embed files to make your content more relevant for visitors.

6. Promote your contents on Social Media

Social Media are the best sources to gain free traffic to your blog. All you need is a good promotional strategy to create engaging posts.

Use hashtags to discover new peoples with the same interest, join other groups and communities related to your niche, create a Facebook  Business page to increase followers, make boards to pin your blog images on Pinterest.

Make sure, you regularly keep up to date your Social Networking accounts to increase engagement.

7. Gain natural backlinks

Backlinks are the easiest way to rank higher in the top of Google search results and its best for overall SEO of your site.

Backlink refers to those links which are linked to one another sites. It passes link juice and great for SEO to boost your ranking in search results.

To get backlinks, you need to write guest posts on related blogs to your site with high domain authority and page authority in return for a backlink or you can purchase backlink from different sources at a cheap rate.

Although, try to gain backlinks only from higher DA and PA sites.

Note: backlinks from illegal sites or bad links can decrease your ranking in search results and you may get penalized by Google. So, make sure that you are getting backlinks from legit, secured and higher DA and PA websites only.

8. Write evergreen posts

Creating evergreen posts are the best method to get more free traffic for a lifetime period.

Evergreen posts prefer to those articles for which you will get traffic for your lifetime, such as “how to posts, tips, and tutorials, etc.” These type of posts are very useful and it will help you rank easily in search results.

9. Use Quota to build trust

Quora is the most popular forum site based on questions and answers. It is the best website to get free backlinks. All you have to do is join this site and answer other members question & add necessary links to your blog for a brief understanding of the concept.

Just don’t make your answers look spammy by adding unnecessary lots of hyperlinks.

10. Comment on other related blogs

Adding comments on same niche sites can provide you free no-follow backlinks, and even it will help you increase engagement between you and other authority website owners.

In some cases, the site owner may become satisfied with your comments and he/she may give you free backlinks as a reward.


By performing above 10 techniques you can easily grow or increase the traffic on your blog within 3-6 months and you will see a huge difference in your blog traffic and also in revenue streams. Also visit Classye Tech for technology tips.


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