10 Fun And Surprising Wedding Gifts For Your Female Friend Wedding

A wedding is the most important and emotional happening of someone’s life not only for the groom and bride but for all the close relatives of both the bride and groom. Knowing that it’s your friend’s wedding create a beautiful mix of feelings in your heart a part of you is happy for your friend but on the same hand, a part of you is worried for her married life and want her to have all the happiness in the world. Weddings are not incomplete without wedding gifts. It is also a deeply rooted tradition for us to come up with wonderful gift ideas for a wedding as a gesture of prosperity and blessing. You can have a wedding without a cake but without gifts, weddings lose their charm.

Looking for some fun and out of the box gift ideas for your female friend who is getting married? Look no further. We have compiled some most throughout and fun wedding gifts for your female friend.

Let’s begin the exciting list of things that can be gifted to make her special occasion tenfold better.

10 Cool Gifts Ideas for Female Friend Wedding

1.Honeymoon Tickets

Almost every woman has imagined her honeymoon at the desired destination filled with love and excitement. No one knows that more than your friend therefore, it will be a great time to do something incredible for her that will not only make her happy at that time but will cherish for a lifetime. It will be expensive but a group of friends can pool in and get her a honeymoon package of her favorite honeymoon spot. This will be the crown jewel in the treasure of all the wedding gift for female friend. The cost can vary with the place.

2. DIY Etched Couple Name on Glass

What is more beautiful and thoughtful than gifting your friend a breath-taking decoration piece for her new home. You can buy a priceless gift but the gifts that you will make yourself customized for your female friend’s wedding gift will always have a special place in her heart. The DIY (Do It Yourself) gifts tutorial can be found online, endless tutorials are given on the internet following which you can make a beautiful gift with less cost and bigger impact. You can etch the couple’s name on a decorated glass as a wedding gift. It can be a great wedding gift.

3. Neon Sign Heart Table Lamp

After their big day when the couple returns to their room what will make them feel more special than the beautiful neon heart table lamp, it is fashionable, practical and a really creative wedding gift for her. Moreover, whenever they will plug it in it will remind them of your affection and care. Its price can differ with size and quality.

4. Cook Books

If your friend loves to cook, bake or is nervous about cooking after getting married show her that you care about her concerns and hobbies gift her a bundle of two to three cookbooks by her favorite chefs or from her favorite cuisine so she can cook and remember you cooking delicious meals and not to forget they say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

The price can vary based on your choice of books.

5. Google Home Or Amazon Echo

This is the utmost favorable gift and a clear winner wedding gift for her. Who would not love to have a personal assistant around her new home? When your friend will be shifting to her new home, give her this helping hand so she can have Alexa around. Alexa is the wake word of Amazon Echo and can perform basic phone functions by voice commands from ordering your favorite comfort food, helping you with a complicated recipe, calling your friends to romantic acts such as ordering flowers. Alexa can be her new friend in your absence.

6. Suitcase Set For Two

Get your friend a suitcase set for two so she can pack her stuff and have some amazing time with her partner at honeymoon. The pro of this gift is that it will last her a decade. For turning it up a notch you can customize it with the traveling tags of their names and their wedding date printed on it. It can be a practice wedding gift for a female friend.

7. Marble Game Board

Will you miss having a game night with your friend? Show her that by gifting her a marble game board of Ludo, chess, scrabble or monopoly will be much appreciated. Tell her she can not only have a life partner but a gaming partner too in your absence. If you wish you customize it the marble can be etched with either some inside jokes, you had with your friend or the date of her wedding. It will leave a long impact. You can also gift her a modern version of her favorite game!

8. Havana Dinnerware

Gift your friend a set of Havana dinnerware and add a little color and campy look to her dinner table. Have a friend who is particular about her crockery? No better gift than Havana dinnerware you can find a wide range of different colors and designs to fit in with your choice.

9. Couple’s Spa

After their tiring and hectic days of wedding and lunches you being a cooperative friend need to take care of your friend’s self-care. Gift her a couple’s package for a relaxing day at SPA. For that, you should embody the image of a detective and find where are they going for honeymoon then find out good relaxing SPA package for couples at their honeymoon destination make their honeymoon worth the while. Cost varies with the SPA and the packages.

10. Gift Cards

Were you too busy in planning for your friend’s wedding and could not get the time to buy her a gift well we got you covered with the diverse options of buying gift cards for her from self-care products to Airbnb gift cards? Gift cards are also a great gift for when you don’t know much about your friend. Moreover, if your friend is really particular about her things you should not buy something and just cut to the chase and give her the gift cards from her favorite place. This could also be one of many return gift ideas for a wedding.

Here is the whole mystery of wedding gift for female decoded for you now you can go and shop whatever you think fits her best and it will leave a lasting impact on her heart for sure.


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