Top 10 Benefits of Having Carports

If given a choice, most automobile owners would prefer to have their vehicles protected from the elements; however, the price for a garage isn’t within most people’s budget. A lot of houses in western and southern regions are built with carports attached to the house. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to have this accommodation built into their home, so their next option is a manufactured or custom built carport.

Carports are instant structures that provide protection from the sun, snow, rain, hail, dust, and other elements known to cause damage to vehicles. Simple canopy carport kits can be bought from local home improvement centers or online, and they’re designed with basic aluminum framing with either fabric or polycarbonate coverings, but do they provide the best protection?

If you asked most people who’ve purchased one? Their answer would be no because they simply don’t last. Evidence can be seen just by driving through neighborhoods while viewing a number of these instant carports with caved-in roofs, torn sidewalls, and broken support poles. Eventually, they become ineffective, an eyesore, and a problem to dispose of.

According to the professional carport constructors at Steeline garages in Gladstone, revolutionary carports engineered with steel and aluminum covered roofs and framing members are the preferred choice for most home and vehicle owners in today’s modern society. They’re considerably less expensive than a lumber-framed garage and offer a lot of the same benefits for vehicle protection.

Here are ten benefits of owning a carport:

Benefit #1: Added Home & Resale Value

Homes that do not have a garage can be considered a disadvantage to a lot of potential buyers because they don’t see a safe place to park their vehicles, boats or motorcycles; therefore, a carport offers them a solution, and it becomes more valuable. New carports can also add property value to your home while boosting curb appeal and enhancing your home’s aesthetics.

Benefit #2: Deterrent Against Theft

When it comes to being a deterrent against theft, carports can protect your vehicles from random acts of vandalism and motor vehicle theft. Perpetrators and burglars are less likely to enter a carport next to a house due to the fear of being noticed or caught. Most thieves know that motion sensors and hidden security cameras can be easily installed inside a carport; therefore, they’re more inclined to target other vehicles left unprotected in the driveway. Carports provide another layer of security.

Benefit #3: Universal Vehicle Storage Applications

Carports are a universal vehicle storage application that can store multiple vehicles like automobiles, RVs, boats, snowmobiles, ATVs, and riding lawn mowers. Even if you have a garage, carports offer another vehicle storage solution while creating space inside your garage.

Benefit #4: Additional Entertainment Space

Carports can be utilized for additional entertainment space for family events or social gatherings. Most carports are built on top of asphalt or concrete slabs, which offers a cleaner floor, and it’s the perfect surface for tables, chairs, and entertainment equipment.

Benefit #5: Low-Maintenance

Due to the roof’s pitch on most steel and aluminum carports, snow easily melts and slides away while rain is diverted away from the vehicles. Steel and aluminum carports can last 25-35 years or more without any major repairs or replacement parts. They can be cleaned with a pressure washer and look as good as the day they were built. There’s no painting or staining maintenance required every three years to look new again. A simple wash gets the job done.

Benefit #6: Future Wall Components

Building a steel or aluminum carport comes with the added benefit of being able to install future wall panels and turn your carport into a functioning garage. Windows and doors can be installed in the wall panels as well as standard lift and motorized roll-up doors. This can be a great feature to have, especially when you’re running out of room in your garage or storage shed. Additionally, it provides security for expensive and larger items like generators, tool boxes, and power saws mounted on miter stands, etc.

Benefit #7: Shade

Carports are extremely handy and beneficial for children and adults who need shelter from the sun by providing instant shade. Outdoor patio sets and children’s toys can be easily moved inside the carport during extremely hot days, so that you and your children can still enjoy being outside without the added risk of being sunburned.

Benefit #8: Extra Space

Carports, especially the ones with exterior walls provide extra storage space. They can be utilized to keep seasonal lawn ornaments and decorations, making it convenient to access and store them as well as creating more room inside your house with cluttered closets and spare rooms. There are a variety of plastic storage totes, lockers, and closets that can be utilized and stacked on top of one another to maximize storage space while still leaving room for vehicles.

Benefit #9: Convenience

Due to the open design of most carports, and the fact, they don’t have doors, carports are very convenient. Riding lawn mowers and other recreational vehicles can be driven inside from almost any place on the carport, which makes parking them in the back a lot easier when vehicles are already parked inside. Additionally, they also make a convenient place to set up a work site for saws and tools when you have home improvement projects that need to be done.

Benefit #10: Protection From the Elements

Carports keep your expensive vehicles safe from the elements and protect interiors from fading. They keep snow, hail, and rain off your vehicle, which prevents damage to your vehicle like dings and cracked glass from hailstorms. Additionally, they also make access to your vehicle easier in snowstorms and save time cleaning them off.

Carports are Adaptable

Most carports are adaptable and can be constructed to blend or at least resemble the architecture of your house. A variety of materials can be used like bricks, concrete, wood, steel, and aluminum to create a pleasing addition to your yard that provides multiple outdoor storage solutions for misc items and vehicles.

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